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Showreels Anker

Sit back and enjoy our showreels. The music can also be found in our Music Library.

Modern film noir sound with a jazzy flavour and 60's vibes. The small crime story forms a unity with the music thematically and rhythmically.

Stunning rooftop shots garnished with a cool big beat track that dances through the skylines with a lot of groove. The Lizard liked it!

"Fifty shades of money" awaits the viewer with a rocking track and light rockabilly vibes. The track emphasises the bitingly ironic character of the trailer.

A showreel that combines impressions and the atmosphere of the desert in an instrumental track with oriental colouring. Synthesizer, guitar and Persian flute form a mysterious sound experience that is visually enriched with lines from the poem "Where dolphins dance" by the ancient poet Hafiz.

The showreel "Culture of nature" presents the track "Spring" as a soundtrack, in which piano, guitar and wide strings complement each other. The lyrical track emphasises the images of nature and people working in it.

"Nightshift of a drone" presents an electronic soundtrack that emphasizes the images of nocturnal moods. Exciting soundscapes and synth sounds accompany the imaginary flight of a drone through the night.

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