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At the beginning of Smiling Lizard Music, there was a passion for music and creating a new story. Both aspects were the driving force behind the founding of SLM by musician, songwriter and poet Christian Jahl, who sees music production as a place where music is written, produced and published for a variety of uses.

In his poem "Lovesong", German poet Rainer Maria Rilke describes the image of the bow stroke "drawing a voice from two strings." This image perhaps best describes the idea behind Smiling Lizard Music, which, as a production company, sees music and publishing as a whole.

This whole also includes consulting based on musicological knowledge to select or compose music for individual projects.

Smiling Lizard Music works with other composers and is collaboration partner of Intro Verlags GmbH and the label Monopol Records from Meisel Music in Berlin with its own catalog Edition Carabeo.

Being creative is our passion. We have worked with various artists and companies. Our creativity and holistic view of art allows us to realize diverse productions - from music tracks to editorial work. Always according to the motto: Music is more.

Anker 1
Bild eines Gitarrenverstärkers und einer E-Gitarre


Music is the only art form that can create a piece of art out of air. Smiling Lizard Music shapes air to sound light and easy, even though composing  music is hard work.


Music is the emotional paint of our life and therefore of essential importance for humans. We want to help ensure that this coat of paint continues to shine.

Tanzende Menschen
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