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SLMusic produces and creates music for current media. Meeting the exact needs of our clients as exactly as possible in terms of style of music and atmosphere is our mission. No matter if it is a trailer, a corporate song or a soundscape. The basic part of our work is the idea a client has in mind.

The SLMusic label has the idea of publishing music of new artists with different styles. This way a steadily growing catalogue becomes the source of new music that can be licensed for different purposes, such as advertising, film, TV/ radio and internet.



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New Cooperation for Smiling Lizard Music


We are happy to announce a new cooperation with an established partner for distribution and publishing. Now Smiling Lizard Music is active in Germany's capital Berlin and ready for the next step.




SLMusic comentario de Premios de la música

Independent Music Prize


The 10th edition of the independent music prize PREMIOS DE LA MÚSICA of Spain presents a new semi-finalist for the category "Best classical album": Pablo Alcázar mit "Mediterráneo"

We're happy that Pablo made up to this point of the contest. This well-respected competition is being arranged by the Unión Fonográfico Independiente, the independent phonographic union of Spain. It is supported by Spain's daily newspaper El Pais and the Ministry for culture and education Ministerio de Educatión, Cultura y Deporte.


Good luck for the next step, Pablo.

Pablo Alcázar in concert at MIMMA


Pablo Alcázar plays his guitar at the muesum for music in Málaga. Aside his beutiful compositions from the album Mediterráneo he will also present pieces by Tarrega and Villa Lobos. 

Neil Airborne

Neil Airborne - Silence is the new Punk


Silence is the new Punk – Only at first sight this contradictory quote seems to be a contradiction. For sure Punk is noisy and loud in the first place and no one would think of Punk in matters of silence or stillness. So let’s see how to solve this problem.


To understand this quote it is necessary going back to the roots of Punk in the UK of the late 1970s, a time of high unemployment accompanied by recession. It led to a 





Pablo Alcazar classical guitar

Pablo Alcázar - The Meditarranean guitar


Thinking of the guitar’s origin Spain comes to one’s mind in the first place, and especially Andalucia, intentionally or unintentionally. Andalucia is the place where it happened in the times of the Moors who ruled this area until the 13th century and brought the first lutes to Europe.  This was the first step in guitar’s history. Beyond that this southern part of the Iberian peninsula has always been a region with a rich and strong occidental and oriental culture influencing Spain for centuries.

Malaga’s metropolitan area, Pablo Picasso’s place of birth




Juhana Iivonen and Aidan&The Wild Autumn TOur

Concerts in early autumn


Juhana Iivonen, kind of Finish Bob Dylan, touring Europe endlessly, He will return to Germany and Liechtenstein. Four evenings with delicate introspective folk and distinguished melodies. His fans are awaiting him impatiently.


Meanwhile Iivonen played those concerts succesfully.


What could be better to listen to a fan's voice:




Music tip!!

Comfortable melancholy

A warm voice to drown in, simple, gentle guitarsounds and lyrics, that  walks the tightrope between existencial depth and light humour, that only Finish can do.  :)
- The best thing against burgeoning mealncholy in autumn!

Yesterday evening I was taken away and spelled by a warm voice. Juhana Iivonen, Finish singer- songwriter, who is not an insiders' tip anymore, played at Café Tasso and let hearts ring. 




Wolf Biermann at Palais Wittgenstein 2017

A reading of Wolf Biermann


The so called "dragon slayer" and popular German poet and songwriter Wolf Biermann, who always fought against the "brood of the dragon" of former German Democratic Republic, visited Düsseldorf to hold a reading of his new biography. Aligning with his 80. birthday the book has been just published.


At Heinrich Heine Saal of Palais Wittgenstein he presented it jointly with  Manuel Soubeyrand, who read single chapters with great stagecraft, and Andreas Öhler as moderator. Turning into a historical retrospect  it bacame clear, that it is not only a personal, but a retrospect of the German history after the