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Pablo Alcázar - The Mediterranean guitar

Pablo Alcazar classical guitar
Photo © 2017 Pablo Alcázar

Thinking of the guitar’s origin Spain comes to one’s mind in the first place, and especially Andalucia, intentionally or unintentionally. Andalucia is the place where it happened in the times of the Moors who ruled this area until the 13th century and brought the first lutes to Europe.  This was the first step in guitar’s history. Beyond that this southern part of the Iberian peninsula has always been a region with a rich and strong occidental and oriental culture influencing Spain for centuries.


Malaga’s metropolitan area, Pablo Picasso’s place of birth, is home to the city Nerja with it’s historic centre, which is enlighted by Mediterranean sunbeams. In the middle of this centre there is the Balcon de Europa presenting an endless view to the Mediterranean Sea. Visiting this place at the right time of day, one can see a young man with his guitar playing classical guitar music and also his original compositions.


Listening to his music you see the nativeness of the Andalusian landscape, that sometimes appears to be barren in it’s mountains and desert-like areas, but colourful with it’s unique and rich vegetation at the seaside.


All that meets in the sound of Pablo’s guitar and music.


Pablo Alcázar’s album Mediterráneo compiles six instrumental pieces. All of them show a deep relationship with Andalucia. Within the metropolitan area of Malaga he meanwhile became an insiders’ tip with his favoured concerts. Pablo Alcázar is a real talent of contemporary Spanish guitar music. Smiling Lizard Music is happy to work with him in the future and salutes him.