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Juhana Iivonen - Concerts in early autumn

Poster © Juhana Iivonen 2018
Poster © Juhana Iivonen 2018

Juhana Iivonen, kind of Finish Bob Dylan, touring Europe endlessly, will return to Germany and Liechtenstein. Four evenings with delicate introspective folk and distinguished melodies. His fans are awaiting him impatiently.


Meanwhile Iivonen played those concerts succesfully.


What could be better than listening to a fan's voice:


Music tip!!

"Comfortable melancholy

A warm voice to drown in, simple, gentle guitar sounds and lyrics that walk the tightrope between existential depth and light humour as only Finish can do. Poster © Juhana Iivonen 2018

- The best thing against burgeoning melancholy in autumn!


Yesterday evening I was taken away and spelled by a warm voice. Juhana Iivonen, Finish singer-songwriter who is not an insiders' tip anymore, played at Café Tasso and let hearts ring.

His innovative melodies which are so beautiful and comforting will be taken away on wings with simple guitar sounds. To me the atmosphere in the room was the perfect autumn mood. Golden leaves are falling and turn to dust, winter is near with its cold and its feasts. We're still carrying the summer in our hearts and still feel the warmth of the last sunbeams on our nose.

If you think this is too cheesy, please listen to the album "Native One". Recorded on just two sessions and live in 2014 with a Jazzband in Helsinki and Porvo.


Iivonen says about the album: "Trying to reach an authentic feeling when people are playing together. And I think we succeed to catch few pretty good moments here." - I think so, too."




This is from a Facebook article by a female fan refering to the concert from September 30th at Café Tasso in Berlin. We agree. Thanks for the nice words!!