Pablo Alcázar - The Mediterranean guitar

Pablo Alcazar classical guitar
Photo © 2017 Pablo Alcázar

Thinking of the guitar’s origin Spain comes to one’s mind in the first place, and especially Andalucia, intentionally or unintentionally. Andalucia is the place where it happened in the times of the Moors who ruled this area until the 13th century and brought the first lutes to Europe. This was the first step in guitar’s history. Beyond that this southern part of the Iberian peninsula has always been a region with a rich and strong occidental and oriental culture influencing Spain for centuries.




Malaga’s metropolitan area, Pablo Picasso’s place of birth, is home to the city Nerja with it’s historic centre, which is enlighted by Mediterranean sunbeams. In the middle of this centre there is the Balcon de Europa presenting an endless view to the Mediterranean Sea. Visiting this place at the right time of day, one can see a young man with his guitar playing classical guitar music and also his original compositions.




Neil Airborne - Silence is the new Punk

Neil Airborne
Video shot from "A most beautiful day" © 2012 Neil Airborne

Silence is the new Punk – At first sight this quote seems to be a contradiction. For sure Punk is noisy and loud in the first place and no one would think of Punk in matters of silence or stillness. So let’s see how to solve this problem.




To understand this quote it is necessary going back to the roots of Punk in the UK of the late 1970s, a time of high unemployment accompanied by recession. It led to a devastating cut through society, especially for young people. Bad prospects created a thinking dominated by the “No Future”- attitude. England’s youth seemed to face a future it didn’t want to live, or better exist in just like that. Instead it decided to revolt with noise and crash in music, in fashion and with cheeky and rude statements. It was an earthquake.




Listening to Sex Pistols or The Clash today this ambience is there in a moment showing anger,...




Juhana Iivonen - Concerts in early autumn

Poster ©Juhana Iivonen 2018
Poster ©Juhana Iivonen 2018

Juhana Iivonen, kind of Finish Bob Dylan, touring Europe endlessly, will return to Germany and Liechtenstein. Four evenings with delicate introspective folk and distinguished melodies. His fans are awaiting him impatiently.


Meanwhile Iivonen played those concerts succesfully.


What could be better than listening to a fan's voice:


Music tip!!

"Comfortable melancholy

A warm voice to drown in, simple, gentle guitar sounds and lyrics that walk the tightrope between existential depth and light humour as only Finish can do. 

- The best thing against burgeoning melancholy in autumn!





Visiting a reading of Wolf Biermann

Wolf Biermann at Palais Wittgenstein
Photo Christian Jahl 2017

The so called "dragon slayer" and popular German poet and songwriter Wolf Biermann, who always fought against the "brood of the dragon" of former German Democratic Republic, visited Düsseldorf to hold a reading of his new biography. Aligning with his 80. birthday the book has been just published.


At Heinrich Heine Saal of Palais Wittgenstein he presented it jointly with Manuel Soubeyrand, who read single chapters with great stagecraft, and Andreas Öhler as moderator. Turning into a historical retrospect it bacame clear, that it is not only a personal, but a retrospect of the German history after the Second World War. Starting off with the horror of the bombing of Hamburg in 1944, Biermann experienced as a little boy, his youth in the socialist GDR and his expatriation in the late 1970s were important subjects. ...