In own words

In the beginning there is passion for music and creating something original. Both are main intentions of Smiling Lizard Music  as a place, where music is produced and published in an appropriate way. This is why SLM stands for the conjunction of music production and publishing in a wide sense, that eventually becomes an entity or as German writer Rilke would have put it, that is " ...drawing out from two strings but one voice...".


This also counts for founder Christian Jahl when it comes to consulting based on musicologist knowledge, when music is being picked for individual projects or recommended for different contexts.


The common ground of all is always an easy communication for all parties, which is so important to support the creative process and work-flow. This is why respect and a responsible cooperation are basic at  Smiling Lizard Music.



What clients say

"Smiling Lizard Music helped me to clear contractual conditions concerning the masters of my father Kurt Drabek and showed a lot of knowledge. Beyond that the recordings and CDs will be available again. I am particularly happy about the fact that finally somone cares for the popular track "Kommt ein Wölkchen angeflogen". It's amazing that a modern music production appreciates historical recordings."


Ulrich Drabek, solo clarinetist, Philharmonic Orchestra Bielefeld

"SLM published and designed my albums Native One and Live in Weimar in 2015. For my touring in Germany I got some nice flyers in addition to public relation. Native One got a good review in Folker Magazin. When some of my audience kept telling me after the shows that they had heard Native One on a major radio station like Bayrischer Rundfunk it gave me a real good feeling. What a motivation! SLM has a personal style to work which is not usual in this business.Thanks to Smiling Lizard Music and Chris for bringing this to the people.“


J. Iivonen, singer/songwriter, Helsinki

"I booked Christian Jahl of Smiling Lizard Music to compose and produce Music for my video-blog Der Rhetorik-Check. No matter what ideas I had, he could translate them into music and lay-outs. He really could get into the thick of my concept. Smiling Lizard Music contributed to the success of this totally new project for me. The Cooperation was professional and pleasant." 


Martin Roos, journalist and author

Cooperations of SLM/ Christian Jahl with related artists and clients, musically, consultative and editorial. 

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